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Fair warning

This blog is being edited to death. Just so you peoples know. :D


Sleigh Run released!

I know its a bit late, but here is my Christmas game!! 🙂 Auriplane supplied the awesome music, ( and it was made with Flixel. (

Here it is:

Sleigh Run

🙂 Hope you like it!


I got music!

Well Auriplane helped me out a lot and made music for my game!! Listen to it here:


(c) Auriplane 2011

My Christmas Icon

Hi all! I just made a Cloudy Day Development icon for Christmas:

Cloudy Day Development

(Sorry it’s so small-on my game it doubles the size)

My current project – Sleigh Run

Hi all! I am here to wish you a Happy Christmas Break to all who has one, and to tell you about my current project, Sleigh Run. It is a wanna-be multiplayer game. (The type where you share the keyboard!) I am wanting to finish it before Christmas, though that means:

  • Adding more items, enemies, stuff like that.
  • Adding effects
  • Fix multiplayer stuff -this isn’t a priority…
  • Make the music – AHHHHHHH!
  • Do sounds and stuff
  • Adding a storyline’

This sucks. A lot. So… Onward!


Random pixel art #1

Hia all! I wanted to boast about some pixel art I have been doing lately!

Here’s an troll:

Scary, ain’t it? XD

Here is some platform tiles:


And some clouds!


-Just wanted to show you peoples what I have been working on the week!


All images on this post: copyright (c) camasthecat

A video completely unrelated to flixel and flash.

Hi all. In school, I have to memorize the first 20 elements in the element table. Here is a video showing the way to remember the first 10:



Hi all!

Hi all. Sorry, but I wrote this post, but it was too late to post it last night…

Hi all! How was your weekend? Good? Bad? Well,mine was good…

Well, I fixed a major glitch, and updated my whole game program!

I also found a site/program called famitracker!

It’s an awesome 8-bit music editor, and it’s perfect!!!

Well, that’s all! Good night!