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I haven’t published any games yet, but I am working on two, and stopped working on one. So… Here they are:


This game is my first one I ever worked on, and I learned a lot. I don’t know when I will finish it though.
It’s a platform game about a cloud that had it’s milk money stolen. You must save the day and get the money back!

Tornadoes: Evil, spinny things.

Underwater: Cloudy doesn’t just play above sea level.

Upgrades: Cloudy eventually gets items such as this pogo stick.


My other current project.It’s so very in progress that I won’t display any images. Yet.

But I will say that Sleigh Run is a multiplayer game. The type where you share a keyboard.

I’m quite excited about this one.


This game is one that doesn’t have a strong story, or anything.

I have two versions of this game:

old, but most stable :

Horrible version with nothing in it but some nice features, (VERY VERY VERY Glitchy) music, (one song-made it in one minute) and art:

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