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Cloudy Day Development (CDD) is a single 8th grade student programing games.  Scary.

I am, as I said above, an 8th grade student. I recently learned of flixel, and awesome open source game-making library that is completely free for personal or commercial use. I love it, (and so many others do to) and I think you should have a look at it. My current game is called “Milk Money”, and I’m really excited about it. Since school has started recently, I am up to my neck in homework. So my game development has slowed down a lot. I am hoping to get everything done by Christmas. This is my first time programing a game.

I am running solo, doing the programing, graphics, sounds, etc. I’m using Famitracker for the music.

I am also making a pokemon-style game, and I plan on making a quick Christmas game too.

If you have any ideas or questions, please email me at

And thanks for reading!

  1. Glad to have found your new website.

    • Thanks, but I have a newer version of one:
      The site has no good theme though. (I pay 90 bucks a year to have my own site, so I need to make my own theme!)

      • Thanks for letting me know.I will follow your site. Do you still have your cat?

  2. Yeah I do.
    Oh, and I like your site. 🙂 I would never be able to take and blog a pic every day.

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