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About Cloudy Day Development

October 2, 2011

Hi all! All blogs need a first post, so here is mine.

Cloudy Day Development (CDD) creates retro-style online games.

We, (I, actually) are using flixel, “…an open source game-making library that is completely free for personal or commercial use…”, to quote their site exactly. 🙂

The current game being produced is a simple, yet fun game, (hopefully) currently called
“Milk Money”.
Since school has started, I have been drowning in Homework, so the game making progress will be slowed down. I am doing the programing, graphics, sounds, etc. But the music is an unknown. 😦
I am hoping to get this game into the open by this Christmas. This is my first time programing a game, so hold on to your hats as I get famous!!! (Just kidding!)

So that’s all for now… Thanks for reading!



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